Enjoying life, one day at a time, since 1984

Hi, my name is Diogo Neves and I'm a programmer living in Cambridge, UK.

I am a can-do seasoned with go-getter kind of person, who loves new challenges, learning, coding, cities and music (thanks Spotify!).

I'm enthusiastic about life and work. I especially like working on products with a positive impact on the world, and ones with interesting problems to solve. When I'm not coding, you can find me spending quality time with my wife, Sofia, at the pub/cafe with friends or at meetups in the area (or doing some new activity I forced myself into, this month).

Most recently I've been developing new video game concepts and prototypes at Sony Cambridge and measuring my stomach capacity with coffee.

Below is my most relevant work. If you like anything, please check my CV or leave a message on my contact page :)

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Wildbunny Ltd
Vortix Games Studio
TV Superstars (PS3)
Little Big Planet (PSP)
Lucy Swashbuckler (Flash)
Atomik Kaos (Flash)
Tech Wars (Flash)
Balloon Bliss (PC)
Winter Message
Hot Chocolate Welcome
Hot Chocolate Van
Cherry (PC demo)
RC Mania
The Source